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Beware of Phony IRS Tax Debt Relief Scams

Wisconsin Residents who are in genuine need of IRS and/or State Department of Revenue tax debt help should call cmpetent local providers for help.

Completing a compromise with the IRS takes about 6 to 12 months depending on one's specific case. 

We have experienced staff (former IRS and State DOR agents) to handle your specific case. We stay with you from beginning to end.

We were once on the inside...and have heard all kinds of horror stories of high fees paid to companies and the phone lines go dead. Don't let that be you.



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Our staff are former IRS and Department of Revenue Employees. Having a trusted partner with insider knowledge is key to making sure your tax return is accurate and that you have the maximum refund allowed for your unique situation.

At Moses & Associates, our relationship does not end when your return is submitted...that's why if you owe, you can count on us to help you negotiate a settlement if you qualify, or an affordable payment arrangement, and devise a tax plan for you so you do not have to owe another year.

The tax code is complicated in favor of the government, and when you make a mistake on your tax return, the government would rather AUDIT you than educate you. The AUDITS are a big revenue stream for them; and it's your money they are coming after. We are here to help you keep your hard earned money.

What Can We Do For You Today?



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Tax Preparation

Whether you work for a company or are in business for yourself or both, we got you covered

Tax Planning

We will analyse your financial situation from a tax perspective, and help you devise a tax efficient plan for your unique situation. 

Estimated Tax

The IRS and the state Department of Revenue can estimate your tax liability for tax periods not filed.

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Tax Audit

A tax audit by the IRS or state Department of Revenue can be overwhelming and stressful. Don't go it alone. We are here to help you keep your hard earned money

Wage Garnishment

The IRS and the state Department of revenue, have the authority to garnish your wages for unpaid tax debt.

Bank Levy

The IRS and the state Department of Revenue also have the authority  to levy your bank account for unpaid tax debt

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Personal Services

Legal Forms

When you need a legal form filed, filled or drawn, we got you covered.

Immigration Forms

All immigration forms and responses to requests for additional documents.


most personal contracts and forms of agreements.

Personal Finance

Financial Coaching


Savings Plan

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Call Us Today and Sleep Better Tonight

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